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Vernon is portrayed by Richard Griffiths in the film series. Krum is named Durmstrang champion upon entering his name for the prestigious Triwizard Tournament. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Evanna Lynch. Rolf would become her husband and the union would produce twins, nicole volynets dating Lorcan and Lysander. His home holds the Portkey that helps Harry escape to The Burrow.

She comforted Ollivander, and gave him courage. Her butterbeer cork necklace has only one cork, speed dating events in which she says is to repel Nargles. The couple also had twin sons named Lorcan and Lysander. Stan was portrayed by Lee Ingleby in the film adaptation of Prisoner of Azkaban.

The three of them are reunited in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Krum briefly returns in Deathly Hallows, dating muslim man advice as a wedding guest of Bill and Fleur. Independent Print Limited.

Oliver Wood is Captain and keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in the first three novels and was first introduced in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. They also planned to work together in their quest for the Hallows. According to Ron, she is rude to just about everyone she meets. Xenophilius raised his daughter to share many of his unusual beliefs, and the two enjoyed going on holidays to look for creatures such as Crumple-Horned Snorkacks in Sweden. At some point, they became very close friends.

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  1. Ron stated that she certainly has far more courage than her father, who was at the time stressed when under duress.
  2. She adores her nephew, Dudley and treats Harry with contempt and cruelty.
  3. According to Ron she inherited her mother's brains.
  4. Towards the climax of the book, it is revealed that the Death Eaters targeted Augusta when Neville began acting as leader of the reformed Dumbledore's Army.
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She soon found a connection with the character of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter book series and was inspired by the character's embracing of her own oddities. Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. Cormac McLaggen is a Gryffindor student one year above Harry. He is four years above Harry in Gryffindor.

Luna Lovegood

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Though naturally an unpleasant and reprehensible person, Aunt Marge believes that Harry is a horrible boy, owing to Vernon and Petunia's lies, and delights in insulting both him and his dead parents. She has a talent for household spells and cleanliness, online dating junge menschen lacked by her husband and daughter. Pansy has a slightly increased role in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Harry is therefore a descendant of Ignotus Peverell. When he failed to do so, Xenophilius was arrested by Selwyn and Travers. When he learns the truth, he and Harry become friendly, shortly before the appearance of a mentally incapacitated Bartemius Crouch Sr.

Xenophilius Lovegood

This organisation was to teach practical defence. Ron and Luna both survived the war, and the good friends remained in contact in adulthood. They took my Luna and I don't know where she is, what they've done to her. She also made Harry laugh so hard that mead came out of his nose when she discussed the Rotfang Conspiracy after Professor Snape sneered at Harry's ambition to become an Auror. When Bellatrix casted a Killing Curse at Ginny that missed by a mere milometer, Molly Weasley stepped in and killed her.

When Harry grew suspicious of him after realising that Luna had not been home in some time, Xenophilius attempted to stun Harry and his friends. Let's see what she thinks. Bolstered by Neville's leadership of the D. She eventually evacuates with the other Slytherins.

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They do not return to the team the following year, as they regularly serve as Malfoy's lookouts during his forays into the Room of Requirement. Antioch Peverell was the eldest of the three Peverell brothers, and owner of the Elder Wand. After the Dementors attack Harry and Dudley, Petunia states that she knows Dementors guard the wizard prison, Azkaban.

He is also the director of a drill-making firm, Grunnings, and seems to be quite successful in his career. And then I thought, as I looked at the plot overall, I thought, that's not really where she fits best, she fits best in Four when Harry's supposed to come to terms with his fame. Grindelwald, showing no fear of Voldemort and welcoming death, tells him that he never owned the wand, and an enraged Voldemort kills him. Instead hitting an erumpent horn, which caused it the fluid inside it to explode, causing his house to collapse inward.

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Andromeda Tonks is the mother of Nymphadora Tonks. He was temporarily imprisoned in Azkaban by the Death Eaters. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger! Gellert Grindelwald is her great-nephew, which is why he comes to live in Godric's Hollow after being expelled from Durmstrang.

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She believed Harry's declaration that Lord Voldemort was back. Cedric Diggory was a Hufflepuff student two years above Harry. She is never seen in the films. Slightly cross-eyed, with shoulder-length white hair the texture of candyfloss, he wore a white cap whose tassel dangled in front of his nose and robes of an eye-watering shade of egg-yolk yellow.

But he can be a bit unkind. Goyle is knocked unconscious during the ensuing fight, but is rescued, along with Draco, by Harry, Ron and Hermione. However, Rowling noted in that the character actually predates her rise to fame. Luna was often the subject of ridicule and had difficulty making friends. Oliver Wood was portrayed by Sean Biggerstaff in the first two films and once again in the eighth film.

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  • Near the beginning of the novel, his home is a hideout for Harry and Hagrid, as the two are on the run from Voldemort.
  • He appears once more in the same book, during Harry and Voldemort's graveyard duel.
  • The plan backfires when she becomes exasperated with McLaggen's arrogant behaviour, and she leaves him stranded under the mistletoe and avoids him for the remainder of the party.
  • He is introduced in Deathly Hallows as a guest at the wedding of Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley, and is said to be a friend.

It can be assumed that she was horrified when Neville was set on fire because of his defiance of the Dark Lord. She protected Ron, who had been hit with a spell that made him highly confused. Rowling's live interview on Scholastic. Thus, Luna was subsequently raised by her father. In the midst of the Priori Incantatem effect during Harry's duel with Voldemort, Diggory's spirit appears and asks Harry to take his body back to his parents.

The Dursley family are Harry Potter's last living relatives. Xenophilius and Luna lived in a house shaped like a rook chess piece near the village of Ottery St Catchpole and were friends with the Weasleys. The Stone was later embedded in a ring that ended up belonging to Marvolo Gaunt.

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Luna's mother was accidentally killed while experimenting with a spell that she created when Luna was nine years old. Luna once gave Harry a note from Albus Dumbledore telling him to come to his office for a private lesson. He later goes into hiding at the home of Auntie Muriel and sends Luna a new wand as a gift. Unbeknownst to Lovegood, the Erumpent horn will explode if given even the slightest touch.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dumbledore gently denied her enrollment. Luna was very good at comforting others.

After the confrontation, Harry wonders what sort of bad memories Dudley could have relived, as Dementors force people to relive their worst experiences. Narcissa also appears later in the novel, shopping with Draco for his new robes at Madam Malkin's. Luna thought Rubeus Hagrid was a poor teacher, saying that the students in Ravenclaw thought him to be a bit of a joke, and that she preferred Professor Grubbly-Plank. Her professional partner was Keo Motsepe.

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