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The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X. Sherman Firefly Comet Centurion Mk. Lastly for both credit making, need to buff slightly. Huge World of Tanks fan and by far, the game I've played for the longest time. Peaking out and snapping off shots it feels like rounds are just drawn to targets-seems like it never misses, and rarely bounces.

  • Armor, where does it have Armor.
  • This is where things start to get expensive, but the rewards are more often than not worth it.
  • Tiger gun is much closer to reality.

You'll need the health for when you need to make those critical pushes. The matchmaker resolves battle tier on the basis of table below. Gun depression angle in the rear. The Tetrach is small, fast and packs a solid, high penetrating punch. The combat performance of this legendary vehicle will be made to match its status.

  1. They don't just play differently, and it's not the driver.
  2. You may be experiencing trouble because of the tall profile of the tank when working steep inclines.
  3. Now take a look because I am talking about the game.
  4. Took a while to realize what it feels like.
  5. Email required Address never made public.
  6. You can not go anywhere near the frontlines with this tank due to its large size, lack of camo, and lack of armor, not to mention a gun that doesn't offer much at close range.

The funny things is that these players now cry about not getting the same buffs as before xdd, well thats what you get for getting an idiot. Good penetration not great! Without further ado, here are all the changes that have been made to these vehicles thus far.

No, the camo is really bad and you are a huge target, so you'll receive damage anyway. Tank Nut and Gamer Wannabe! This is likely among the best tanks at pushing others uphill. Is this company about making a buck? The whole reason why the pref mm tanks are so good now is because you are almost always top tier.

This is not a tank that will. We also wanted to make minor changes, however, and this is where your feedback is vital. Improved accuracy and aiming time will make gameplay more pleasant.

Improved frontal and rear armoring wall of the engine transmission compartment. Even so, I see the potential-and most importantly as far as I'm concerned, this thing just prints credits. Higher pen to be able to deal with higher tiers. This may not be to everyone's liking, and is arguably a challenging combination. There are Polish, German, English, thong dating etc.

World of Tanks - Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update - Tracks Up

It has pretty bad terrain resistance values. Wish other countries would do the same. Strange beast, not for the inexperienced.

Nowadays, due to changes to matchmaking, general powercreep and meta shifts, it will likely be particulary challenging except in certain circumstances. For being a snipa and fighting like you have some sense, it is very good. What makes this company respond to anything at all. Instead, you are forced to rely on mobility and an accurate gun to contribute to the battle.

Better, against targets with slow turret traverse, you can play the circle strafing game. Maybe, doesn't really feel up to the task though. Video Screenshots Art Renders Soundtrack.

Notify me of new posts via email. The gun and mobility are outstanding. If anyone has anything to add, please make it from personal experience, in the tank, best reality dating shows on and not looking online at the wiki. Russian tanks are amazing.

It would be up to the player to ensure that this mismatch in team balance is compensated by performing good in battle. You can so use the hull down tactic on hilly ground but be careful after firing to drive back immediately and be always careful of the arty! To the untrained eye this is an immobile, inaccurate brick. Armour is alright, could be too good some time ago but with all powercreep and goldspam its alright now.

Does fcm 50t need a buff And is it worth it

In May we shared our plans for preferential matchmaking, which were later detailed in July. Now keep in mind that this tank has a preferential matchmaking, so It will be mostly the top tier. At a cost of Gold and with preferential matchmaking, this vehicle needs to be considered.

Would you like to join the Imperium News staff? Been playing this game since beta days and yes, the complaints are often the same. You should stay at a vantage point around meters from the enemy and give support to your allies by spotting targets from a safe distance.

A Review of the FCM 50t

World of Tanks

Read on for all the details, straight from the source. At the same time, the vehicle will be less effective in long-range combat, but better suited for face-to-face encounters when one can take maximum advantage of the strong turret armor. Thankfully, its high-traverse speed turret is mounted at the front of the hull which is invaluable for managing the tank's great length.

Who needs weakspots anyway, just spam the gold. We understand you want as much information as possible regarding this issue, and we'll release more as soon as we can. Despite fifteen years at uni and I wouldn't know where to start with it! Yes, what it needs is the same treatment the knock off hover boards received. Faire compensation will be to give my money back and to let me do whatever i want with them.

Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update

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This tank is too punishing for you against higher tiers but way too powerful against lower tiers. Special mention is given to the Pz. Yes, free online foreign dating low alpha but it is accurate and has good pen with the standard round.


Do not show this dialog again. If you have the money and like the medium tank play of the Leopards or Panthers then you'll be right at home! It's also rather decent at using its bulk and speed to inflict damage on the enemy, date night unless they get a chance to track you. As a rezult we get fewer xp and credit income.

FCM 50 t and why I like it

Second Supertest for the preferential MM tanks Status Report

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